Gluten Free Pizza Dough with Sweet Basil

It’ll Be Pizza is Proud to Announce the Launch of its Newest Item.

There are an estimated 18 million people in the United States who are sensitive to gluten- a hard-to-digest protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Another 3 million-plus Americans are thought to have celiac disease, a potentially life-threatening autoimmune disorder that is treated by eliminating dietary gluten.

Sales of gluten free products have been booming despite the weak U.S. economy. Forecasts of 2011 gluten-free sales are estimated at $1.31 billion in the U.S. Domestic sales have more than doubled since 2005 and are expected to hit $1.68 billion in 2015.

It’ll Be Pizza’s Gluten Free Pizza Dough is a unique product that can be proudly served to your gluten-sensitive customers. Flavored with sweet basil and honey, it is created with our custom blend of four gluten free flours. The result is a finished product that will satisfy the customer who thought their days of eating great-tasting pizza were over forever.

We have created and packaged our new offering with the constraints of a busy, crowded kitchen in mind. Packed 20 to a case, each 8 ounce dough is sheeted out to an individual sized pizza and comes in its own disposable aluminum cooking tray. Simply take each unit from its case, top it, and place it in the oven. No hassle, no cross-contamination- just another satisfied customer.

Samples Available on Request

Download Printable Information Sheet (pdf)