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It’ll Be Pizza of Scarborough, Maine produces 6 flavors of premium frozen pizza dough: Basil, Beer, Garlic, Wheat, Blonde, and Blonde EZ-Stretch. Our doughs are unique in the marketplace for their quality, taste profile, durability, and ease of use, and are used for pizzas, calzones, breadsticks, focaccia, bread bowls, fried dough and breadsticks by pizzerias, restaurants, school cafeterias, pubs, and corporate kitchens throughout the Northeast. Distributed by ten major food distributors, all of our doughs are available in any size between 8 and 30 ounces. Our retail products, packaged under the Portland Pie Co. trademark, can be found in the deli sections at Hannaford Bros., Shaw’s, and Big Y Supermarkets. Here’s what sets It’ll Be Pizza Dough apart:


All of our doughs originated in the kitchen of the first Portland Pie Co. restaurant in Portland, ME in 1997. Looking for a way to stand out in a crowded pizza landscape, owners Nat Getchell and Steve Freese created their signature flavored pizza doughs: Basil, Beer, Garlic and Wheat. Each of these flavors carries its own distinct flavor and bite profiles: the Basil, slightly sweet and perfectly complimentary with a nicely seasoned sauce; the Beer, aromatic and perfectly aerated; the Garlic, dense and flavorful; and the Wheat, a perfect balance between white and whole wheat flours. Our Blonde (or White) dough marries the ingredient quality of our flavored doughs with a slightly lower price point. Blonde EZ-Stretch was designed for our high volume customers looking for a product that would proof more quickly and be easier to stretch. From the beginning, only the finest ingredients were used in the dough, a commitment that has continued to this day. We only use flour milled with a high gluten content which gives our products a strength and durability that is unmatched in the frozen pizza dough industry.


As It’ll Be Pizza has grown, we have continually worked to upgrade our production facilities while maintaining the consistency and quality of our dough. We currently manufacture over one hundred thousand pounds of pizza dough per week in our temperature and humidity controlled facility. Our water is chilled and filtered, quality control checkpoints have been established throughout our production line, and our dough is blast frozen within minutes of coming out of the mixer. Uncompromising consistency and quality is our highest priority. Contact us today and discover the difference for yourself!

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It’ll Be Pizza Dough makes more than great pizza.

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